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London bar

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Free Party - February 1st (Daytime) - Brixton [22 Jan 2009|11:34am]

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We Continue is a brand new daytime event designed to change the way you think about partying and give a different shape to your weekend.

You spoke and we listened! Its uplifting house, its bouncy electro, its comfy sofas and quirky décor, it’s in South London and best of all, IT’S FREE!!!

We’re thrilled to be holding our first ever party at the legendary Dogstar in Brixton, a venue steeped in musical history which has played host to some amazing live bands and parties over the years and this will be their first ever Sunday afternoon party!

If you’ve never been to the Dogstar before (and even if you have) you can’t fail to be stunned by the surrealist décor which is different in each and every room. We’re lucky enough to be having our party in the VIP suite, a gorgeous, intimate room with comfy sofas and armchairs, a perfectly proportioned dance space, chandeliers, a private bar and almost panoramic views of Brixton’s buzzing community thanks to the huge windows. The Dogstar is only a 5 minute walk from Brixton tube and overground train services.

Sunday afternoon just got a lot more interesting.

Sunday Saviours:
NOT SHY (This Is Not A Rave/CAT)
SOOTHSAYER (Disco 3001)
JASMINE (Dice, No Judgement)
KILLEMILIO (Dice, UpTownBoogieDown)

Entry: FREE!

back of flyer with instructions on how to find the placeCollapse )


DontStayIn Event Page

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Tuesday: Poetry Shack Summer Garden Party! [05 Jul 2008|12:50pm]

One of London's favourite poetry and spoken-word series is back on Tuesday:


...hosted by Jude Simpson and featuring three wonderful performers:

A.F. Harrold -- weird and insightful author of Postcards from the Hedgehogs

Carol Muskoron -- award-winning writer and pioneering video-blogger

Jeff Cottrill -- stunning Canadian spoken-word artist and satirist

There's an open mic as well. Bring a poem on a summer theme! There's a prize for the best poem: the winner gets a cucumber sandwich!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 7:30 p.m.
The Old Crown, 33 New Oxford Street
Entry: £5

(one pound off if you wear a hat, bring a horse or are a member of the Royal Family)

"One of London's hidden artistic gems" -- The Observer
"The Poetry Shack has a positive enjambment of talent" -- Evening Standard
Hope to see you there...
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[06 Oct 2007|07:23pm]

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WEDNESDAY: [20 Mar 2007|01:25am]

Great poetry and spoken-word night this week...

at the Old Crown Pub!

If you've got any writing you'd like to share with the world, come perform it in their open mic!
Or... just come for the entertainment and a few beers.

Feature acts include:
1) Guy J. Jackson
Filmmaker, writer and performer who takes to storytelling with a painfully comic collection of decadence, hedonism and lovely, life-affirming filth. Musical accompaniment by the versatile Clay Hawkins. www.myspace.com/storytellinguyjj

2) Jeff Cottrill
The notorious spoken-word satirist, all the way from Toronto, Canada, who likes to make his audience laugh, cringe, or preferably both. Warning: there will be wigs, puppets, and the occasional naughty word. jeffcottrill.coffeehouse.ca

WHEN: Wednesday, March 21, 2007, 8:00 p.m. (sign-up for floor spots at 7:30)
WHERE: The Old Crown Pub, 33 New Oxford Street (corner of Museum Street, nearest tube Tottenham Court Road)
COVER: Free!

Hope to see you there...
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THE LIGHT BAR 13.01 RUSSIAN NEW OLD YEAR [12 Jan 2007|03:44pm]

Fresh party devoted to old russian tradition - celebrating NEW YEAR twice according both to old and new calendar.
Nice winter party with DJs from Moscow and vodka drinking 4 free.
DetailsCollapse )
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[09 Aug 2006|11:31am]

ooooooooookay. as of this September my english course is taking a little trip to London for 5 days.
and being the good student I am *cough* *cough* *laugh* *cough* *choke* I don´t wanna go unprepared!

so I´m aksing everyone who lives/has already been to London:
1) what sights are really worth visiting?
2) what is your favorite place in the city, and why?
3) where is the best location to go CD/DVD shopping?
4) what´s the best location to go clothes shopping?
5) what´s the best (easiest & cheapest) way to move around in the city?
6) any no-no´s, a tourist should defintily try avoiding?
7) other hints, insiders and recommendations you´d like to share?

plz keep in mind that:
a) imma student and I don´t have money. in fact, I´m kinda poor
b) we´re there for only 5 days and we do not have an unlimited amount of time to hit the town by ourselfes
c) I´m german and dumb
d) I dont know nothing about english nightlife culture. so teach me :D
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[08 Aug 2006|12:09pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello, I'm new around here. I wanted to ask you all for tips on good places to go in London, since I'll spend a week there in late August - I like early punk music, reggae, jazz and ska and would love sipping whiskey to something I like for once. Any help apreciated!

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[28 Jun 2006|10:02pm]

Hey guys- my name is Meg and I should be leaving for London in January where I will stay for about 2 months. After which I will be heading to Ireland for St Patties day. I currently live in Austalia and am 20 years old and am looking for any information, advice anything at all about the UK.
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[05 Jun 2006|09:27pm]

Hello all, I'm going to be living in London for ten days in July, where are some places for people around 18 to hangout and drink? Right now I am in Spain, and it isn't going so well because I can't find anyone in my age group.
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[10 Feb 2006|08:39pm]

check out the imperial arms pub in london, near the lily hotel. i dunno if any of you have been there but its a good pub!
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looking for a night out [13 Jan 2006|05:09pm]

i'm looking for somewhere, west/central london-ish that's gonna be playing r&b, neo-soul and top 40 shite. any suggestions?
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[17 Oct 2005|02:17pm]

Hi everyone!

I was wodnering if there was anyone who planning on attending the Erin McKeown show at Lock 17 in Camden Town on October 26th.

Let me know!

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[27 Aug 2005|11:31pm]


Click the flyer for the band website!

See also... http://www.myspace.com/obsessivecompulsive

X-posted everywhere so :-p
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[12 Feb 2005|10:53pm]
hello londoners.

i am a photography student looking for models. the idea is to come up with good outfits and either take the model to interesting exteriors or set up a background indoors. the pictures usually come up very nice..(i put effort in the lighting and everything). so, if you'd like to give it a try, or know of someone, please let me know & i'll be very happy. you'd get free big prints as well, of course.
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need a venue [27 Jul 2004|06:17pm]

I am organizing a pub meet in london and need to find a venue that has cheap drinks, good music and can hold 30-40 people. Can anyone help me... sorry for the randomness.
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London Trip [21 Jul 2004|11:25am]

Hey, I will be in London from August 5th-9th. Is anything going on around then? Also, I'm staying in South Kensington. If anyone knows of any inexpensive places to eat and drink late, that would be great. I anticipate late nights because of them extreme jet lag. Thanks!
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Premieres. [20 Jul 2004|06:22pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

So most premieres are held at Leicester Square...the high profile films that is. The problem is I always find out about premieres after they happen. Is there anywhere that tells you when a premiere is being held. There are always crowds yet it has suddenly accured to me to ask how the hell these people know to be there at the right time....

Thanks in advance if anyone could help me out. :)


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[16 Jun 2004|08:53pm]

i dont know where the flyers gone but its this
firday 18th
upstairs @ the garage
8pm til 3am, 20-22 highbury corner, london, n5
(opposite highbury & islington tube station)
line up:

special needs
past caring
the paddingtons
labeled grey
plus dj's and guests

make sure u are there on time!!!!
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violet vinyl! [16 Jun 2004|08:45pm]

hey everybody come this friday to this club its really good, awesome music, awesome bands so get your asses down there you wont regret it. print this flyer to pay only £5 to get in, its even cheap 1 more reson to go so bring your mates and have a good nite out!
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Our tour dates in case anyone is interested... [12 Jun 2004|03:18pm]


Feel free to copy and post this in your own journal to help promote our tour!!! Thanks!
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